Thursday, November 15, 2007

Buzzy 'n' Cookie: the Krongard Brothers

Oops! It turns out that our State Department inspector general (in charge of the non-investigations of mercenary firm Blackwater USA), Howard "Cookie" Krongard, has a brother on the Blackwater advisory board -- "Buzzy" Krongard. This all came out when Democrats confronted him at a House Oversight hearing . Of course, Cookie claimed he did not have a conflict of interest prior to the hearing because he was unaware of his brother's association with the company. This is rich -- the chutzpah of these guys is over the top!

State Department Inspector General Linked to Blackwater

For those of you who know a bit about 9-11, "Buzzy" Krongard also managed the firm that handled the “PUT” options on United Airline Stock.

Maybe they should call them "Buzzard" and "Crookie."


Here's a youtube video that reports on the whole thing, including Cookie's jaw-dropping testimony.

TPMtv: Watch the Cookie Crumble

Here's the news update from
State Official, Brother Are Called for Hearing

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