Friday, November 30, 2007

The net effect of the Hillary office hostage situation

There's a bomber in Hillary Clinton's Rochester, NJ campaign office as I type. These days whenever I hear of situations like this, I try to step back emotionally and ask the question, "what will be the net effect of this situation on our country's policy, on our democracy?" And it's pretty obvious, isn't it? There will be an even more chilling and distancing effect between the people and their electable officials. The announcer guy was just talking about the "open, easy access" people in New Hampshire have traditionally enjoyed with presidential candidates, and how this allowed a guy to just walk in with a bomb.

So, even though I'm certainly not suggesting that this is anything more involved than some crazy idiot who wants attention (Lord knows there's plenty of people like that out there) once again "anti-democratic" forces would seem to gain. It would be a good exercise in critical thinking to keep a jealous watch on our access to our elected officials and political candidates in the near future.

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