Monday, February 11, 2019

MAGA hat video by Truth Cat

I'm not a Drumpf fan, but when you can't express your political views in this country by wearing a simple hat, something's wrong.


SwordofCreation said...

Great find!

If you do get time to go though my 'basic' material tweet or message me on facebook;

I also hang out here with others cracking their ritual codes where atheists come in and go out rethinking their position; the maths we're exposing prove higher order beings exist, some of which are jerks!

My ID is @RealMrAnderson and you can message me with private screen shots and/or questions that will help me finish refining this KEY information on this Qabalist cult killing people.

Here is the 'Basic' and refined method of evidencing ritual murders that I hope even cavemen[cops] can see; think like a cop as hard as that might be ;D):

The reason that's important is our good cops are being used in these rituals and of this I'm 100% certain! (Along with many others like our 911 victims and now children in SCHOOLS.)

Evidence suggests, from two sources, one is this discord community, our upcoming "Outside lands Concert" here in the SF Bay area, August 9-11 might be their next target.
(If true it will likely be the Bridge, but may also attack the concert goers.)

This scenario has been depicted so many times in Hollywood and then these numbers make me extremely nervous. When the numbers were found and then the following, I about fell off my chair; this is a very real risk of mass carnage!"golden+gate"+destroyed+in+films

Here is the "Guide":

OR Full URL here:

If this causes brain freeze please tell me where!

Thanks a million!


ps: Sorry if you get this twice, but the first post did not seem to take.

SwordofCreation said...

PS: I'm not a Trump fan either, Hillary was likely worse, and in fact believe Trump's like all the others, perhaps worse.

The hat I bought is the same color red, but says, "Make Orwell Fiction Again"; my MOFA hat where ppl here come running up triggering on my "MAGA hat" and I say, "Slow down, take a breath and READ THE F****** hat!"