Saturday, March 31, 2018

Israel kills 15 protesters in Gaza. Silence from US media.

15 Palestinians were killed and over a thousand injured in protests over the weekend. Absolute blackout by US Media. Read about it here:

(H/T: American Everyman)


wooden shoes said...

This is unconscionable. Please pray for Palestine.

SwordofCreation said...

Like most, if not ALL, of these "lone nut" shootings, the recent Gaza genocide too was a ritual for "blood magic"; don't ever doubt that some magic is very real!


SwordofCreation said...

What about Americas and our children after the 911 coup?

Our children are being trafficked, sold, branded like cattle,ritually raped and murdered at a rate 10 TIMES that of that open air prison called Gaza; while I too covered the ritual aspects of this, it will always be secondary to the dangers facing our country,