Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I don't watch the news anymore.

We have Yosemite Sam for a national security advisor and a reality TV star for a president. 60 minutes gets its highest ratings in years interviewing a porn star who says she slept with him over 10 years ago. Real people are dying in the Middle East and nobody gives a shit. A former supreme court justice writes an op-ed in the New York Times saying we should do away with one of our most important constitutional rights. Everything just seems to be fake. Fake boobs, fake elections, fake tragedies, fake, fake, fake! Meanwhile the Orwellian censorship and surveillance state is becoming shockingly real and WWIII seems to loom right around the corner. I feel like I should keep plugging away with this blog because so many people honestly just don't know. I don't know what to say, but I don't want to keep up with a bunch of fake news stories.

I have heard, and truly believe, the best way to change the world is to start with oneself, and then to focus on solutions instead of dwelling on problems. So maybe I should start making that more the focus of this blog. It seems to work for me on Twitter. But then, my Twitter account is at least half hashtag games and cute animal pictures. No wonder I spend more time there.


Anonymous said...

Harry Chapin had a song....

get on with it,

on the road to kingdom come

the swirling whirlpool will continue to increase in intensity

truth isn't on holiday



james@wpc said...

The "News" is an assault on our sanity, Jody. And intentionally so.

But the tide of world power is turning against the globalists and the craziness is their shrill response. It is not going to be pretty in North America, though, whatever happens. :(

RickB said...

It really is no longer bearable anymore, for me, even for entertainment purposes. Is it because the actors are so bad?

I guess we're seeing the results when we get only what the deep state jews can allow, which is less and less... and you know why, right? They must be safe. Their control of the system must be maintained. Hey, you can all have democracy and representative government and all but within reason.

Maybe for a while we'll have to shut down all of the representative stuff... until all of the "anti-Semites" just shut up for a while.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey Jody... I am back...

I finally sat down today to watch that "60 Minutes interview" with that two bit whore, "Stormy Daniels" and I had to laugh in disgust... That whore was so stoned or ripped on MK Ultra mind control drugs (Look at her hyper-dilated pupils as evidence) that I ams shocked that the American dumb ass sheep swallow this bullshit...

Watching that piece of pure propaganda has also reinforced what I had said about why I do not even bother watching any of the Jew spew news outlets anymore myself, other than to use their propaganda against them!

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I agree with you RickB, the actors are terrible. I feel like I'm stuck in a very poorly told joke. It's not funny anymore.

SwordofCreation said...

+Jody Your stated pattern elsewhere of activists[and their families], getting "broke, sick and dead" is a pattern indeed!

If you might consider somehow telling their stories it might buy a degree of safety for others. 'They' are using "healthcare" to not only murder key activists, but also to mind control. In a hospital stay a nurse was caught attempting to inject air bubbles into my vein, which any diver will tell you can lead to a stroke.

Notice how many healthy, but good hearted people with big mouths are dying of 'suicide', heart attacks and strokes? They're also killing people via sayanim that infiltrate and appear to be friends! I've had this confirmed by insiders and this is likely what happened to that Jewish kid named Aaron Swartz who stumbled onto a Satanic ring at MIT.

It's another pattern!

Good luck to you and what you do; I'm in the same battle only a little more aggressive that most care to be; I've been blessed with surviving two "Boston Brake Jobs", getting nuked by my "doctor", tangle with a real witch, and the near miss on air bubbles. Watch your front and back, but never fear as this is all "Just a ride"!

SwordofCreation said...


The "dilated pupils" are a sign of Qabala mind control which uses spirits to control the targets mind; MK Ultra is the weaponized version and can be broken with small amounts of electricity to your ear lobes! (I know this first hand as healthcare is used to torture and plant one of those suckers to get various level of control of your mind.

ONE mistake with a drink and 'they' own you!

SwordofCreation said...

Good advice here!

Much love from Northern Cal!