Monday, December 11, 2017

Alien disclosure? NASA to make an announcement

I just heard something intriguing on the radio this morning. NASA is going to make an announcement regarding aliens. You know, your good friends from NASA. The liars that brought you the faked moon landing.

I'm wondering, what is this about? Is this going to be some limited hangout? I wouldn't be surprised if some potentially upsetting information gets revealed in this press conference. I've been listening a lot to my psychic online friends and they've been talking a lot about "extreme polarization" this December and the possible physical disclosure of a "split earth." Could that have anything to do with this announcement? At any rate, please take anything NASA tells you with a grain of salt. Don't mindlessly react to anything "officials" tell you, intelligently respond. This is all going to happen on the 14th, which, perhaps not coincidently, is the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook School Shooting hoax [If you're not convinced this was a fraud, I suggest you watch this video: We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook] and the day the FCC votes on Net Neutrality. What a great distraction!


HPrice said...

Yep, I knew it. I thought the announcement might be something to do with exoplanets. It would be insane if NASA really did come out with something on aliens (not that they don't exist mind you. I saw something when I was a kid that could be classed as out-there, extraordinary etc ... and there was an UFO flap going on in the area in Wales where I lived at the time: 1977-1978). They are never going to do that. They had a meltdown, after all in 1976 when the Viking probe sent something back to NASA that looked like the markings of life of some kind.

Another let down, another bag of rocks. Exoplanets just aren't interesting to me. They will be interesting only when they start imaging the things, and we can actually see the things are real (are they actually real, anyway???).

Roll on the next "fascinating" discovery ...

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for your comment, HPrice. It took me a while to get to it because I've been away from the library for a while. I did notice they did a limited hangout on Saturday though ... they called it a "Pet Project" of former senator Harry Reid ... :/