Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lots of distractions, lots going on

It's too early for me to weigh in on what I think of the VA shooting. I think there's somthing very suspect about the "tower" fire in London. There's a lot of occult symbolism associated with it, not the least of which is that it's refereed to in the press as "the tower." (Which tower? There is actually a very famous tower in London called the "Tower of London." But this was a residential skyscraper known as Grenfell Tower.) I immediately thought of the 16th Tarot trump card. Here's what Kevin Barrett of "Veterans Today" has to say about it.

Meanwhile, the US is committing war crimes in Syria by dropping white phosphorous on civilians, and now "ISIS" is invading the Philippines, a Catholic country! Check out this article from NTS: American Run ISIS In The Philippines: Has The US Now Invaded The Philippines? US Special Forces On Mindanao "Fighting" ISIS NOT Invited By Manila Government!

Don't be distracted and don't let these guys win their increasingly obvious game of getting us to hate each other. Pay close attention to how the media wants you to think and act and not so much on what they are telling you, because most of the time that's a totally fabricated lie.

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