Thursday, June 8, 2017

50th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty

Most Americans don't know about this attack which took place exactly 50 years ago, leaving 34 American sailors dead and 174 injured. Fewer still know about the treachery of Defense Secretary Robert McNamara who ordered American jets who were out to save the Liberty to return to their decks, allowing the attacks to continue. It was only by some great miracle that the Liberty crew managed to get their distress calls out (communications were jammed by the Israelis) and the attack was called off. This was clearly meant to be a false flag to be blamed on Egypt in order to draw America into Israel's six days war. Read about it here: Infamy at Sea: Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later

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GabreaL Jones said...

POTUS lyndon b johnson, two peculiar things about him:

lbj ordered israel to bomb the USS Liberty

Wake Up America, and don´t expect anything of Strumpf he is a crypto jew too.