Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Satanism and Child Sacrifice in High Finance

To be honest, the first half of this interview of Dutch financial expert Ronald Bernard is somewhat boring, while he talks about juggling money for the global elites. Around 23 minutes into it, however, he starts talking about how the people he worked with, the real insiders, are Satanists and actually perform evil rituals, including child sacrifice. It's hard to believe this guy is making things up because unlike the lame-ass crisis actors we've seen of late, this guy cries actual tears as he remembers the unspeakable things he witnessed. Hat tip to Les Visible at Reflections in a Petri Dish.

[Note: this is in Dutch with English subtitles, so if you want to watch this in full screen just click on the little square at the bottom right of the youtube window.]

Elite Dutch Banker Claims he was Ordered to Sacrifice Children

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Anonymous said...

There have been about a dozen posts on VOAT/pizzagate of this video.

Actually, there are better ones out there featuring testimony of survivors, naming real names.

Notice this guy uses yet another euphemism: "Luciferians".

I suppose we can add this to the countless others such as presstitutes, globalists, Bilberburgers, Illuminati, Satanists, Masons, Tavistock, Communists, Socialists,International Bankers, Corporations, etc.