Monday, April 24, 2017

Heads up, major nuclear "drill" in NY/NJ

I don't often predict false flags, but when I do it's disconcerting how often I'm right. Something happened on Twitter Friday that the mainstream news hardly touched on, but I've seen it before and I've seen its repercussions. The power went out in the financial districts of San Francisco, NYC and LAX simultaneously. Later the news published a BS story about some fire in a local transformer station being the culprit in San Francisco, which put out quite a few people, shut down the BART (subway/rail system) and power for most of downtown. I remember when the NYC subway was shut down for some time, this was just before some false flag bomb operation went down on a subway somewhere, and I remember thinking, "you know, they could have filmed a bunch of this bogus footage when the NY subway went down a few days ago."

Turns out there's a big drill going on for the next couple days called Gotham Shield. The 26th is a New Moon and I've heard a lot of chatter about it and a possible false flag (I think from Daboo77's youtube channel). Please be prepared for power outages and the like.

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