Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Top 6 BIGGEST Donald Trump Mysteries (video)

Video by Strange Mysteries:

BTW, I'd like to save for the record a link to one of Les Visible's better essays: When You're Cool, the Sun is Always Shining. If you haven't read anything from this guy, check it out!

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RickB said...

God is real. Proving it, by depending on Him and living in concert with His will to the best of your understanding is the only way to experience joy. God is real. You can bank on it. No one can interfere with your relationship of love with Him... no one can steal your joy. Some dopes in my current work environment that are jealous of my blessings and joy are about to learn that. God is my shepherd, his rod and staff protect me too.

Agree with Trump that Republicans are the dumbest of the dumbed down Americans. Conservative demagogues that are making Trump more than he is are from the Republican camp, i.e., the dumbest of the dumbed down Ameircans.