Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Evils of Privatization: How They Do It

1) Take a government program that is working competently doing the big, important jobs you wouldn't normally trust a private company to do because they'd have to have a monopoly to do them efficiently.

2) Do everything you can to screw it up. Put ex-corporate lobbyists in charge. Hire incompetent, greedy, corrupt employees.

3) Make a seemingly reasonable case to the people: the TSA/education system/water works are hopelessly incompetent. We need to pay a private company to do the job.

4) Install a thoroughly evil, greedy, Satanic corporation to steal and poison people's minds and bodies with no public oversight or accountability.

There you go ... that's how they steal power from the American people. The system ain't broken, folks. The system is fixed.

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