Friday, July 24, 2015

Peekay predicted a false flag on the 23rd ... (video)

Granted, what took place yesterday happened in Louisiana, but I find it interesting that the theater's name was called the "Grand 16." Of course the name of the theater in Aurora, CO was called "Century 16." I always remembered that because if you flip 116 upside down you get 911. I didn't buy the media's story on what happened there, and I don't buy this story, either. The news guys were just a bit too "Johnny on the spot" for me, and there was all that same flashing red & blue lights they always show constantly whenever stuff like this happens. And out comes that agenda. They're coming after the 2nd Amendment, make no mistake about that.

But that's my own opinion. Again, let me encourage everyone to do their own thinking. The problem with this country is that most people let others with a nasty agenda do their thinking for them.

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