Thursday, July 16, 2015

Funeral for a reptilian (?)

I listened somewhat bemusedly to reports that George Herbert Walker Bush "woke up in the hospital" this morning after he "broke a bone in his neck." Cable news made it sound so benign, making sure everyone knew his condition was stable, even showing a clip of him jumping out of a plane on his 90th birthday. Well, I broke a bone in my arm earlier this year, but I referred to this incident as "breaking my arm" the way most English speakers do. I guess most people might jump the gun and think the worst if you just come out and say a 91-year-old man fell and broke his neck. I mean, really, what's the difference between "breaking a bone in your neck" and breaking your neck? One sounds like no big deal and the other one sounds pretty damn serious. But you have to hand it to creatures like George H. W. Bush, the Queen of England, Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney, what with his bad heart and all. They are extremely tenacious concerning this plane of existence. For the record, I don't really believe in humanoid "reptilians" ... but I admit to having an open mind about these kinds of things. Metaphorically speaking, these guys certainly fit the bill.

So now that I'm thinking about it, I'd like to remind everyone what a scum bucket this guy Bush 41 was, with what I think is the best JFK assassination documentary ever:


tsisageya said...

That's funny! Ants are amazing. I LOVE looking at the reptilian videos. I don't buy into it either but I sure do love to see it.

They're all more like demons, in my book. Strictly temporary.

Jody Paulson said...

Another way I've heard them described is that they are "vampires."
This fits them perfectly in a metaphoric way, because they suck the life-blood (energy) out of people, they can't see their reflection in the mirror (they never consider the consequences of their own actions...) and they can only operate in the dark.