Monday, December 30, 2013

Sandy Hook Police Report

This was a really good article I found at American Everyman --
Sandy Hook Police Report Contains No Evidence That Mass Shooting Took Place And Strengthens Notion That Event Was A Fabricated Hoax

I especially liked this comment from h5mind, though:
There's a reason the general public generally believes in the Sandy Hook hoax, but it's not because the official story is so credible or compelling. It's the same reason half the country still thinks 19 Saudis with box cutters did 9/11, and somehow managed to flatten three skyscrapers with two planes. It's also why no amount of empirical evidence will convince them otherwise. It's called cognitive dissonance. It's when a person is threatened with new information which may drastically alter their current world view. Instead of passing through the often uncomfortable and even painful process of discarding old assumptions of "how things are", and developing a new paradigm based on reality, they find it easier to simply ignore- or even attack- anything which may contradict their current beliefs. There's a similar mindset with deeply held religious and political views.

It's frustrating for those of us who know how often (and how clumsily) our scum bag leaders lie to us, to be unable to rouse our friends and loved ones from their self-imposed mental slumber. Just realize they're not retarded, just human. Everyone has to find their own catalyst for change. For you and me it was probably 9/11; for my folks it was manmade global warming. The great thing is, once there's a chink in the mental armor, the mind is more amenable to further mental shifting, and it becomes easier and easier to displace false conclusions with those based on empirical truth. In other words, we become critical thinkers. I suspect this is why public schooling is so focused on rote recitation, obedience to authority, and 'following the rules' and not the ability to question every tenet, no matter how sacred or long-established.

So relax, and let them come to you. Scatter bread crumbs of truth for the pigeons to peck at, and eventually they will build an appetite for more substantial fare.

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