Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photos and Eyewitnesses Confirm - BOTH Boston Marathon Bombs Were Fake

[I got this video from livingonplanetZ on youtube.]

Eyewitnesses to both of the Boston Marathon bombs confirm that pyro simulators were used to fake the explosions. This shows how dramatic looking effects were produced without any danger to the waiting actors at the scene. Strategic Operations was the contractor admitting to working with the perpetrators within Boston government at the "Urban Shield" exercises, and was almost certainly involved in supplying the special effects for the Marathon as well. Compare the Strategic Operations effects with the physical evidence in photographs from the marathon and the accounts of eyewitnesses, and you have a perfect match.

This issue is taking on a new and even greater significance, with the revelation of the NSA massive spying operation against innocent US citizens. Many of the companies involved in 'security' at the Boston Marathon (in other words, setting up the terrorism) have considerable ties to those also doing the spying. No doubt, staging the false-flag bombing was meant to help "justify" the spying - as well as the huge amount of tax payer money they receive for doing it. After watching this, you will never think about the Boston Marathon bombing, FEMA, the FBI, or terrorism the same way again.


Greg Bacon said...

The next major false flag against America will be an EMP that will destroy electronic devices by the millions, wiping away any evidence someone might of gathered.

It will also conveniently wipe away billions, maybe trillions in derivative debts and other gambling debts acquired by those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks, due to the EMP.

Check out the 8:02 minute mark where they show the mortar barrel blowing up, that has been nicely placed inside some kind of planters, on three sides, leaving the front to shoot out a dedicated flame, instead of letting a real bomb blow the hell out of everything near by.

If it was a true bomb, it would've blown the hell out of those planters.

Jody Paulson said...

I don't doubt you on the EMP thing, Greg. That's why I've been telling people to print out any information they want to keep. And store your wealth in things that can't be taken from you with the stroke of a key.