Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Experiment in Gratitude

I haven't been in a good mood lately. I'm disgusted with the constant media lies and it seems so redundant to keep bringing them up, over and over ... it seems like no progress is being made and yet, I know that's not true. I remember a post Kenny from Kenny's Sideshow put out a few days ago ... it was to thank everybody who had the courage to speak out for 9/11 truth. I made a mental note to do something like that myself, because I know if it weren't for the wonderfully brave people who cared enough to do this we'd all be in a world of hurt right now. The shadow government that appears to have taken over my country would have invaded Syria long ago, and probably already have attacked Iran, if it weren't for people who stand for principles, justice, and the truth. It's becoming evident the bad guys are having to think twice before they try putting one over on the American public. I admit I'm frustrated by how many of my countrymen still don't have a clue about how many towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001 ... but things are so much better. There's no reason to be afraid to speak up anymore. That's a big improvement, believe me.

I was thinking about putting out a post like that today, but just couldn't muster what I felt was the "proper spirit." As I said, I've been pretty morose lately. The bastards behind the world's atrocities are trying to win a war of attrition. They just won't give up. They own the media and pretty much all the nation's wealth, and it's so frustrating and galling how they just plow through with what any halfway intelligent person would immediately recognize as a lie, if they weren't constantly being bombarded with it 24/7, all the while being subtly poisoned with fluoride, GMO food and God knows what else. Then I saw this video, which was pretty serendipitous. So here's that video, plus this one out to my heros. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're saving the world.


kenny said...

Thanks Jody,

Gratitude to all those we care about, allies...those who just can't shut up.

line from a new tune

'when you just can't take the lies anymore

things get a little more complicated'

james said...

May I express my gratitude to you Jody for putting up these videos? I can? Good :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jody.

Peace, Mouser

Carol A. Valentine said...

J - I know the feeling you are describing. Don't want to admit to it too often. Easy to be demoralized but you are right there is so much to be pleased about. It is better now than it was when trying to get the message across to people. What you have been doing is especially hard when one has faced directed attacks. I know. Keep truckin'. C