Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Questions about the Boston Bombings

(1) Why has the public not seen the evidence that Djohar and Tamerlan ever set down their backpacks in the first place?

(2) Why did news coverage of the Boston bombings, which killed three people, completely overshadow any coverage of the explosion at the West, TX plant which killed at least 15 people and wiped out an entire town?

(3) Why did officials tell everyone, just before the bombings, "keep calm, this is just a drill..."?

(4) Why did the bombs go off after most of the runners had crossed the finish line, when the crowd started to thin and all the VIP's went home? Wouldn't a real terrorist want to kill the maximum number possible?

(5) Who are these guys?

(6) What was tucked in this guys belt and what was in these bags laying in the street?

Concerning this [graphic] picture,

(7) Why is there no trail of blood?

(8) Why is he conscious?

(9) Why is the knee so far away from his main body?

And after the bombings,

(10) Why didn't the brothers leave town? Why did Djohar party with his friends as if nothing happened?

(11) How did Tamerlan die, exactly?

(12) How did Djohar get his injuries?

(13) Isn't there any video footage of the so-called shootout, ATM robbery, or any of that stuff at all other than what we've been told? There's got to be! Why can't we see it?

Oh, and one last question:



Unknown said...

Nice list.

Amazing how citizen journalists working for free can produce a constructive list of significant unanswered questions, yet the whole of the vastly overpaid mass media cannot even begin to employ critical and unbiased analysis for honestly reporting on the facts of events

J. Thank you for helping to expose this sham.


Anonymous said...

Did the kill-in-place order issued to the cops for the alive and in custody Tamerlan come from the DHS or the FBI? An order like that comes from the top. So cops obey, or get silenced, too? All guilty in the cover-up.