Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston marathon crisis actors

I noticed some days ago that Nick Vogt, the guy who lost his legs in Afghanistan and looks a lot like "wheelchair guy", was also missing his left pinky finger. So I studied the wheelchair guy's left hand and couldn't find any clear evidence he had all ten fingers or not. Then I found this video [caution: graphic].

Couple that with this excellent article by B'Man. Apparently a woman who was an eyewitness to the marathon bombing was also an eyewitness to shooting at Watertown [h/t: Zen Gardener].

On another note, have any of you noticed that whenever CNN interviews anyone out in the "field", there's always flashing red lights in the background? Either that or blue and red flashing lights, or traffic cones. Considering they're almost always doing their interviews in front of a blue or green screen using chroma key technology (notice how passersby never pay attention to them), what they use as their otherwise arbitrary background is important. It's a deliberate choice they're making. Considering how most people mentally associate flashing lights with traumatic events anyway (ask anyone who has ever been pulled over or witnessed a horrific accident), it's like they're deliberately trying to spike the viewer's blood pressure whenever the subject is the Boston bombings.

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Greg Bacon said...

And whenever CNN or FAUX shows some 'Muzzie' bad guy, they've always got the screen darkened a little to make him appear more sinister.

We got fooled into buying their 45+ years of BS about the Cold War, don't think this war against Islam is going to last nearly that long, it's falling apart too fast.

What's their next psyops to keep us scared while they loot whatever's left of value?