Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update on Gitmo hunger strike

Three Hospitalized as Gitmo Hunger Strike Continues to Worsen
"Hunger strikes among an estimated 100 detainees have continued to worsen, with the military now conceding that as many as 28 are 'officially' hunger striking, and three of the detainees have been hospitalized as their conditions deteriorate. 10 others are also being force-fed."

‘Hunger strikes instead of justice’: Lawyers still denied access to Gitmo detainees
"Prisoners indefinitely detained at Guantanamo Bay have again been denied direct access to their lawyers. The US Navy has canceled commercial flights to the detention facility, where over 100 captives are reportedly continuing a 49-day-long hunger strike."

Activists join Guantanamo hunger strike in solidarity with inmates
"Activists across the world have launched a week-long fast to voice their solidarity with hunger-striking inmates at the United States’ infamous Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba."

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