Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope elected

This is from "Sherrie Questioning All":

Just a note and something to think about. If you don't think that the person who was elected Pope wasn't already decided upon before 7:06 PM Italian time... you aren't looking at all the numbers.

White smoke at 7:06 PM which is 13 in numerology and he was elected on 3/13/13.

That is a planned event and number.

The pope hasn't been announced yet. I just wanted to get this information out there and people aware of it.

I will update the numbers when they announce his name (at what time) and then he shows himself.

Update - 2:13 PM

Exact name announced at 8:13 PM Italian time

Argentine Pope- Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio - Pope Name: Francis the First

He was born 12/17/1936 = 11

Yeah, I think there's something to that numerology business, too, Sherrie. 13, as all tarot experts know, is the death card. The guy's name ain't Peter, as in the St. Malachy prediction, but Malachy did predict this would be the very last one.


Deb Schwartz said...

I understand all the numbers you point out with the exception of his birthdate. Could you explain how you calculated 11 from it? Thank you.

Josh said...

New Pope Numerology

Carol A. Valentine said...

Hi Jody, Good post. Thanks for the prompt analysis of the timings. I share your thinking.

You may like to check out the photo posted at 6.53pm on the following link (scroll down):

We are supposed to believe that a picture of

"Members of the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit pray inside the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires after the new pope is chosen"

is coincidentally posted just prior to the announcement...

Btw: pls come by to visit me at www.worldblogofblogs.blogspot
(I would like to talk about the EMF crap that is going on - preferably if we can in private-maybe edit this last bit).

Best wishes,


Jody Paulson said...

Hi, Deb. To be honest, I don't know how Sherrie arrived at that number. You should ask her -- I just quoted from her site. The thing I found the spookiest were the "13"'s, though, knowing St. Malachy's prophecy and what the Death card in Rider Waite Tarot deck looks like (It almost looks like an illustration of his prophecy for the final pope).

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for the link, Josh. Carol, I don't know how to edit comments, I can only publish or delete them - but I'll check out your site.

Anonymous said...

"Traditio" website - a website for traditional Catholics -- has a lot of information about the corruption in the Vatican, including information about the new pope.

"Traditio" is very honest and straight-forward in exposing Vatican corruption. It's not a "novus ordo catholic"
[read : new world order "catholic"] website.

A good website to follow the intrigues in the Vatican.

From : Joe

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for the tip, Joe. I'm not Catholic myself, I'm just a little jumpy about "end times" stuff. It wasn't that long ago I used to have a countdown clock to the end of the Mayan Calandar! :) So take everything I have to say on the subject with a grain of salt. At any rate, from what I've heard, the new pope sounds a lot better than the old one. That Ratzinger guy was one evil-looking dude ...

Anonymous said...

@ Jody Paulson

I'm a Catholic - a cradle Catholic, as the expression goes.

Putting that aside,I find the Vatican very intriguing as the Vatican was always a type of nexus of power in the world. There was always alot of corruption and intrigue there as so many various
groups struggled for dominance.

Of course, as usual, the sincere,devout Catholics wo worshipped Christ were always pushed aside by those more interested in "wordly" matters.

Benedict looked downright evil to me too. Personally, I'm not too optimistic about Francis I, but that's just my opinion. Lots of evidence he's hooked up with the NWO gang. I take it all with a grain of salt as well.

If you're interested in what happened in the Vatican - this strange and mysterious nexus of power - how the Vatican 2 Council came about, the following search term will access a lot of information about the Vatican & the "novus ordo" church, and the New World Order in general:

" Vatican Threatened With Nuclear Attack During 1958 Papal Conclave"

Even though I'm a cradle Catholic, every time I see a picture of a pope, or the "pope" subject comes up, my first thought is : " What a strange world we're born into".

As an aside, devout Catholics always took their popes with a grain of salt too. It's the "novus ordo" Catholics who make such a big stink about papal worship. Devout, traditional Catholics never worshipped the popes,or any pope.

The whole pope thing is way out of hand, is my opinion. Still,the Vatican remains a nexus of power. That's why I find the subject intriguing.

From : Joe