Monday, August 6, 2012

Thoughts on the Sikh massacre

I was crushed to hear about the massacre yesterday. Can you imagine being gunned down in your place of worship? They were preparing for a celebration. These are very good people who feed the homeless. And they've been unfairly targeted (along with Muslims) for 10 years over a cynical, hateful, false-flag lie.

One of my favorite recording artists, Snatam Kaur, is a Sikh. If you've never been blessed to hear her voice, here's one of her English language songs:

Once again, we get initial reports of multiple gunmen, and the police very early on refuting that information. Well, how do they know? And is this going to be national policy from now on, that whenever there is a mass shooting all the neighbors of the alleged shooter have to be evacuated from their place of residence? There was "good reason" to do so in the case of the Batman shootings ... Holmes allegedly told police he booby-trapped his apartment. Such was not the case with this new shooter, Wade Michael Page. BTW, here's a very interesting map that shows the former 9th Psychological Operations Battalion member's former place of residence in Colorado. Thank you, Scott Creighton and willyloman.

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