Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac drenches Romney's parade

What a farce! It's as if the ghosts of Katrina invited Isaac back for special anniversary performance, to remind people of the cold-hearted indifference of Republicans to impoverished people's misery. The media did their level best to try to ignore this huge elephant in the room and I even speculate that the storm's potential destructive power was deliberately underplayed so that people wouldn't be reminded of what Bush was doing on yesterday's date in 2005 -- having birthday cake with John McCain, while Condi Rice went shoe shopping.

8/28/12 - ABC News' Live-Feed Coverage of GOP Convention. The audio reveals at least two "journalists" participating in what now goes beyond bias and into journalistic fraud, corruption and malpractice.
Reporter Jokes on Hot Mic: "...They are Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning (Laughter)." Listen at 0:09.

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Suzan said...

And how about the firing of the Yahoo manager who told the truth about the partying Rethugs while people were under water in New Orleans?

Good times.