Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank God for BIG Miracles!

Both the mainstream and alternative news media have a tendency to concentrate on the negative, which I suppose is only natural, because in most cases no news is good news. I recognize that one of my own biggest faults is that I'm a worry-wart, and as someone once said, worry is like praying for what you hope doesn't happen (because that's what you're focusing on). Identifying and facing up to real challenges is constructive, but after that it's best to focus on the positive and be grateful for all victories, large and small. As far as I'm concerned there have been a lot of HUGE victories lately. The mainstream news doesn't seem to want to acknowledge it, so I will.

Just over the weekend, there was a tornado emergency in an area with a population in the millions (Wichita, KS and vicinity). There were no tornado deaths in Kansas. That's not just a minor miracle, that's a HUGE miracle. A hospital got hit with a tornado in Creston, Iowa. There were no serious injuries. That's amazing! Entire towns were laid to waste, but only six people were killed. I'm very sorry for these deaths and the material devastation, but it so obviously could have been much, much worse. A sincere thank you to all the angels, both human and "not of this earth," who rushed in to help.

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