Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed ...

I feel it's important for me to keep plugging away at my blog, it keeps me connected to the outside world ... but quite frankly it's been overwhelming for me lately. What do I write about? It seems like the world's falling apart, and nothing significantly *new* is happening, somehow at the same time. With all the crap happening at Fukushima lately, it's a wonder we haven't all fried to a crisp at this point. Everytime I turn around it seems like there's a new government spying program gunning for us, they're putting drones up in the sky, the shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico are turning up horribly deformed (gee, I wonder why?), there's a new outrage at what they're putting into our food, air and water, the 2012 candidates are all one big joke that just isn't funny ... as if they actually counted our votes anyway. What am I going to say?

I still think it's important to talk about the truth. Too many people have covered their ears and taped their eyes shut but I can't help but think that truth-tellers have been making a difference. But now we've come to a point where I'm sure that voting, or writing your congressman isn't going to help. I think the Occupy movement made some sort of difference but again we've hit some sort of impasse.

These are extraordinary times we're living in, I know they are. I feel it's important we say something, it's important we do something, but what? For the longest time I really believed we could fix things within the system. If we just voted in the right candidate, if we could just garner enough media attention ... but we can't! The game is rigged. I don't want to focus on negative things all day, it's exhausting. Maybe the solution is to do what Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world" and just ignore the chaos flying all around us, it will all fall away soon enough anyway, right?

No, I don't *really* think the world will end in December 2012, but I can see the attraction of thinking that way. I'm at the point where I'm completely disgusted and distraught at the state of world leadership -- absolute corruption. Maybe it has always been this way. However, I can't shake the feeling that something really weird and different is going down, much like the Renaissance or the Enlightenment. I guess throughout history everyone lives their own version of "interesting times."

Sorry for this rather unfocussed post, but I figured I'd let my readers in as to why my blog seems to vacillate from hope and despair every other entry, because that's pretty much how I've been feeling lately ... :(


kenny said...

Hang in there Jody. I keep telling myself that our day will come. It ain't over yet.

Anonymous said...

Post some pics of nature scenes or furry animals if it will cheer you up. Don't worry be happy. Everything is in good hands. The best government money can buy is on the case. Everything they touch turns to pure solid gold.

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks, Kenny. I guess I just needed to hear some positive feedback. The people I come into contact with every day just don't have a clue, and it can be very isolating sometimes.

Jody Paulson said...

@Anonymous 1:29 --
Actually, posting stuff about nature and furry animals *does* cheer me up. It reminds me that there are still good things in this world worth fighting for.