Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Third party surprise?

Rachel Maddow (of MSNBC) said something yesterday that piqued my imagination. She noted that people were doing polls running Jeb Bush against Obama and the GOP clown hopefuls. She also noted that it costs big money to run these kinds of polls, and speculated on why it was being done. I guess someone asked Jeb's people about it, and they denied they were behind the polling, but we all know how much we can trust the Bushies. Rachel also mentioned there's been a shadowy group going around getting a third party on the ballot for all 50 states. Here's a story about them:

Americans Elect wins third party spot on California ballot

"Americans Elect's chairman is Peter Ackerman, who was right-hand man to junk-bond trader Michael Milken at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the 1980s [...] The group's board of advisors includes ... Mark McKinnon, a senior campaign advisor to President George W. Bush ..." Hmmmm. Wonder if we might see a third party Bush/Palin ticket sometime in the future ...

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