Thursday, December 8, 2011

Historical Occupy DC: U.S. Army Gasses & Attacks Veterans In Washington DC 1932

Not many people remember the Bonus Army. I don't remember being taught about it in school. It was only a few years ago when I read a book about it, which I highly recommend.

The Bonus Army: an American Epic

Back in 1932, many WWI veterans starved through the depression. Their only asset was bonus money promised for their service. So they came by the thousands and occupied D.C. to demand payment in full. The end of this video shows what happened to them:

So, did they make any difference at all? Yes they did. There wouldn't be a GI Bill if it weren't for the Bonus Marchers. But would-be service members would do well to remember how their government treated their fore-bearers before getting dragged off to another war -- say, in Iran.

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