Thursday, September 29, 2011

The War Against the Middle Class

Thom Hartmann comes out with some really eye-opening statistics in this video clip. One that really drives the situation home: since 1982, when the magazine was first published, Forbes' top 400 richest Americans increased their wealth by 1600 percent! That is, the 400 richest owned 91 billion dollars in '82, and now they own 1.5 trillion dollars.

  • 46 million Americans live in poverty.
  • Over 40 million Americans rely on food stamps.
  • Over 50 million Americans are uninsured.
And these butt-wipes on Wall Street think they can stand on their balconies and mock the rabble below until the cows come home. Guess what, fellas? It's not cows coming home, it's chickens ... and they're coming home to roost.

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