Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be a part of the solution

This movie (which premieres online on 11-11-11) looks pretty interesting ... I agree with what they say at the end: "Be a part of the conversation, be a part of the solution."

So often people think there's nothing they can do, they throw up their hands in hopelessness. I try not to turn away when injustice gets in my face. But I'm only human, and it hurts to look at ugliness and it hurts even more when I contemplate how complicit I've been in perpetuating that injustice.

I have to say there are times when I'm just despondent and I feel like saying, all right, that's it, this is not the country I took an oath to defend, that guy Troy Davis deserved a new trial at the very least, I give up on this country, let Hell take it (and don't get me wrong, there *will* be a reckoning for the evil this country has done) ... but when I get that way I'm letting the problem grab hold of me instead of grabbing hold of the problem. It's okay to focus on a problem (in fact it's vital that you focus on it) provided you are looking for a solution. If all you do is focus on how big and impossible the problem is, you're succumbing to fear and dodging responsibility at the same time. There's always a little something you can do. Focus on that, because anything else is wasted energy.

There's my little pep talk (mostly to myself) for the day ...

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