Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gag ... *barf*! Sarah Palin meets with Netanyahu

Mike Rivero speculates this means she's launching her 2012 campaign bid: Palin ‘due in Israel’ for private visit

My thoughts on Sarah Palin remind me of my reaction to Cabbage Patch Kids, which became popular when I was about 10. My first thought was bemused disgust. A cheap and silly-looking doll that costs a mint to own ... *whatever*! Later I felt a mild annoyance because everyone seemed to love these hideous lumps of kitsch with the saccharine cutesy expressions and offensively pretentious "adoption papers". What was I missing here? Why were people beating each other up at Christmastime just to get one? In the end I just found them creepy.

I suppose a psychologist could make a lot out of my resentment. I'm adopted myself, and maybe I didn't feel as loved at ten years old as some people seemed to love that stupid doll. And, getting back to the subject, I have a lot in common with Sarah Palin. We're both from Alaska, and have degrees in journalism, long hair and glasses. (I have an ex-sister-in-law from Wasilla who talks just like her. There really does seem to be a Mat-Su Valley accent...!)

My question is, "why the hell does anyone care what this dumb bitch thinks???" She couldn't even finish her term as governor. I can't imagine what makes her qualified to be president, but the press is clearly grooming her for just such a role. There's something really creepy about that. Think about it. Dan Quayle actually *was* Vice President for a term, but no one ever, ever talked about him running for president himself. If you ask me, Palin made worse gaffes and showed herself less qualified for the job of "Commander in Chief" than Quayle did. Al Gore was VP for two terms and got more votes than Bush did in 2000, and nobody ever speaks about him running again. And here's Ron Paul, who actually electrifies young voters and won the straw poll at CPAC twice running, and no one in the MSM ever speaks about him being a serious contender for the presidency, not the way they do with Palin. I guess that's because Paul wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

Oh, no, I just found out a 40-ft section of Hwy 1 just fell into the Ocean. It really does look like the world's falling apart these days, doesn't it?

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