Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did you watch Obama's speech last night?

I'll admit I only watched about about 10 minutes of it before I got bored. I think it was nice that a few Republicans and Democrats opted to sit next to each other for a change, but whoop-de-doo -- they all work for the same people anyway, when all is said and done. They take their orders from AIPAC, corporations and banksters. I'm listening to Mike Rivero and it's pretty telling from what he says *wasn't* mentioned in Obama's speech that this is the case. Consider:

Obama didn't mention the worst environmental disaster, the #1 story of the year, in his address -- the BP oil spill! That's like Bush not mentioning Hurricane Katrina. That's just ... that's just *wrong*. How can you not address that?

Obama didn't mention the attack of a Palestinian aid ship by Israeli militants in international waters, whereupon an American citizen was shot in the head *four* times. I know the mainstream media wants us to forget this, but it happened.

Obama didn't mention the massive mortgage fraud perpetrated on Americans that led to thousands of foreclosures last year. What's up with that?

Just who the hell is running our country, anyway???

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