Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why is BP still in charge of fixing things???

I agree with George Washington's assessment: Since BP has Broken Everything It Has Touched, We Must Remove BP from the Crime Scene and Let an International Team of Experts Fix This on BP's Dime.

Why would anyone in their right mind trust BP to fix their own mess in the most honest, efficient, environmentally-friendly way when clearly that might interfere with their bottom line -- indeed the bottom line of *any* corporation -- to make as much money as possible? Corporations don't have a conscience. Indeed the closest thing they come to one is a "responsibility to their shareholders" -- which is, I repeat, to make as much money as possible. So why is anyone surprised that BP would *lie* about how much oil is spilling into the Gulf, when they're the one to pay fines by the gallon? What happens when BP's ability to recover oil clashes with the most effective way to fix and/or clean the gusher? Which of these priorities will fall by the wayside?

Of course BP should foot the bill. But to put them in charge of the cleanup -- well, that's like putting a murderer in charge of cleaning up the crime scene before the evidence is gathered.

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Light Keeper said...

Jody, I just posted some seriously important info on the toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide and Benzene in the Gulf Coast area. I've found Lindsey Williams info to be accurate in the past. I'm calling on all available routes to get this information out. Please share widely.

Be well!