Friday, June 18, 2010

I guess BP wants to kill off all the unemployed fishermen

... they hired to clean up the Gulf by telling them they'll be fired if they wear respirators on the job. That way they won't have to pay out so much in lawsuits ... all the people they've stripped of their livelihoods will be dead. Here's what Light Keeper has to say about the air quality around the Gulf: Serious Toxic Levels of VOC's all around Gulf Coast Region

-- oh, and get this! -- who are they putting in charge of administering BP's $20 billion fund for damage claims to economic victims of the Gulf oil spill? None other than Kenneth Feinberg, Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund! Here's the link at Kenny's Sideshow.

I'm telling you, this BP oil "spill" is looking more and more like 9-11 every day, especially the disastrously unsafe cleanup cover-up.


Light Keeper said...

Thank you for the new details of their scheme. Oooooooh. I try to be polite and not yell, but I HATE THIS INJUSTICE!!!!

We need a new word. Vile, evil, malicious, despicable, deviant, dastardly, rank, putrid....none of these words come close to accurately describing the level of malevolent evil they embody.

I remind myself, "By their deeds they will be known." It's coming momentarily. As my good friend, Julia ( says, such beings reach a level of such negativity that once they pass over, they are completely disassembled and not allowed reincarnated.

Light Keeper said...

Had to post this gem from NOAA (the last quote will especially make you gag):

" Updated daily
Situation: June 17, 2010

HOUMA, La. – The vacuum barges in Louisiana have been deemed safe to re-join the fight against the oil spill in the Gulf. The vacuum barges were temporarily removed from service after safety concerns occurred including stability and the lack of lifesaving and firefighting equipment. The Coast Guard Incident Commander in Houma, responsible for the safety of more than 10,000 response workers in Louisiana, and the Coast Guard Captain of the Port of New Orleans, responsible for general vessel safety and inspections in Louisiana, consulted on the safety issues of the shallow water barge vacuum vessels. They are satisfied that all concerns have been addressed and the vessels are safe for all crewmembers aboard. “The Coast Guard supports the Louisiana vacuum barge project - fighting the oil is our priority. However, we will never compromise the safety of all the men and women working so hard out in the field,” said Capt. Roger Laferriere, Coast Guard Incident Commander in Houma.",subtopic_id,topic_id&entry_id%28entry_subtopic_topic%29=809&subtopic_id%28entry_subtopic_topic%29=2&topic_id%28entry_subtopic_topic%29=1