Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One week left before the election

This morning Cindy Sheehan and many volunteers protested KQED, a public TV/radio station in San Francisco. (U.S. Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi hasn't deigned to debate anyone in years -- she never had to -- as the Democratic congressional incumbent in heavily liberal San Francisco, the most her competitors ever get in the polls is around 15%.

But this year she has a worthy competitor, internationally known peace activist Cindy Sheehan. But she still won't debate. So anyway, KQED decided to do a 30 minute, one-on-one interview with Nancy Pelosi. In the interest of "equal time," Cindy, the Republican candidate, and the Libertarian candidate would get 30 minutes to debate each other (without the sitting incumbent, kind of like being consigned to the kids' table at Thanksgiving).

None of this makes any sense, of course, if Nancy Pelosi has time for a 30 minute solo interview she has time to debate the other candidates. But the station's communications director and Nancy Pelosi insisted on this totally unfair arrangement. So Cindy and her "Sheehanistas" protested the station during Nancy's interview. They were actually able to get into the building with a megaphone when the delivery man came to the door. I hear they were going up and down the halls with a megaphone, and were admonished by someone working there, to which the volunteer responded, "well, you've got a lot bigger megaphone than we do, why don't you start using it for truth?"

As promised, here's the video to this story:

Here's some footage from yesterday, when Cindy's campaign manager, Tiffany, got into a press conference with Nancy Pelosi to ask her why she wouldn't debate:


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