Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More scary stuff ...

October is the month of surprises and being the kind of person I am I've run across a lot of worrisome articles and blog posts lately. Here's a particularly impressive one from a blog I've never seen before (lots of video links!).

Yesterday Cindy dropped a banner outside a suite at the Hyatt (across the San Francisco FED building) saying, "Thanks Pelosi! 850 Billion reasons to vote for Cindy Sheehan." It was clearly visible in the financial district for about 20 minutes (before security made them take it down).

Later we took the same banner to do some "highway blogging." After that, we all piled into Cindy's RV "Jezebel" which is covered with Cindy signs, peace designs, etc., and drove around town with Cindy and her campaign manager Tiffany calling out the window with a bullhorn. It was pretty funny, the stuff they came up with to say ("Vote for me, I've got an RV!" :)

I guess I'll end this post which started out pretty grim with a very inspiring video someone just showed me a couple minutes ago:

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