Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The disconcerting death of congressman Paul Gillmor

I just read this piece by Carol Wolman on Bay Area 9-11 Truth organizer Carol Brouillet's blog,
" ... last Wednesday, Congressman Paul Gillmor (R-OH) was found dead in his home. This was reported as a heart attack, until word leaked out that he had blunt trauma to the head and neck. Now we're being told he fell down the stairs. Gillmor was investigating a series of option trades that are suspicious- someone is betting billions of dollars that the market will fall 50% by September 21st. Even with the housing crisis, it would take a major catastrophe, like a 'terrorist' attack, to precipitate such a plunge. As part of his job on the House Finance Committee, Gillmor was investigating this deal. Was he murdered because he was about to reveal something?"

I don't know about this site, but it seems to concur:
EXCLUSIVE: Private Eye Calls Rep. Gillmor’s Death a Murder; Odd Finance Sector Discovery a Likely Motive

BTW, Carol Brouillet just had some great new "dollars" printed up -- but unlike the famous "deception" dollars (featuring a picture of Bush and links to many 9-11 truth sites) this one is called a "conception" dollar, with a picture of Cindy Sheehan and links to positive, hopeful sites with solutions and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Check it out!

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