Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bombing Iran is Insanity

... unfortunately we seem to have allowed a bunch of insane, corrupt, morally bankrupt scoundrels to move into our White House, Senate and Congress.

It should be obvious to anyone not deliberately wearing blinders that this country has been setting up for a confrontation with Iran (not to mention passing laws that would deign to "legitamize" the sudden implementation of Martial Law) for months now. Much of our Navy is tied up in the Persian Gulf. This is lunacy. China and Russia aren't just going to allow us to choke off such a large percentage of the world's oil in the event of us attacking Iran -- and our military is precariously overstreched already. I often wonder if that isn't the point -- to destroy our military, to destroy America's standing as the world's remaining "superpower" so the "New World Order" (under the dictates of World Bankers, Illuminati, whoever the hell they are) can more easily assimilate us into an Orwellian nightmare.

Bush: Iran 'the world's leading supporter of terrorism',,2157750,00.html

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