Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Some recent thoughts ...

Election fraud has been on my mind lately as I take in the results from France's Sarkozy/Royal election. Traditionally, when you have a very high turnout it means the "common people" are very motivated to get out and vote. That usually foretells a strong leftist shift in the government. Yet 85% of the French voted this last election, and "apparently" they decided by a comfortable margin to do away with their 35 hour work week and elect "Thatcher with trousers" who will do his best to privatize all the French people's great social programs. Sorry if I don't buy this. Apparently Wayne Madsen of doesn't either.

Most of Gonzales-gate ties directly with the issue of election fraud, and intimidating the hell out of the common people who vote by demanding out-of-proportion prosecution and sentencing of "voter fraud." Sure, throw grandma in prison for voting at the wrong precinct or signing her daughter's absentee ballot, but turn a blind eye towards *massive* purging of legal (demographically Democratic) voters from the rolls, caging, allegations of vote-switching, etc. I'd like to do a story about this, but again, I run up against the barrier that I have little time on the computer. I guess Mark Crispin Miller at has done a lot of writing on this type of thing.

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