Friday, May 4, 2007

Links to some of my essays

I was going to put all my old essays up on this blog, but now I realize it would take up too much precious Internet time to do this (I mostly rely on the library to get access these days). Besides, most are already being hosted on Portland Indymedia. So here are some links for you:

We're at a turning point in history
I posit that the Western World has evolved from a right-brained, holistic/directly-connected worldview to a left-brained, linear/abstract worldview over the last few millennia, and now we're spiraling back again.

Directed energy harassment -- a personal account
My story as an activist being targeted by an ongoing campaign of harassment

The Secret
An essay about love, truth and world events

The FBI’s other deputy director … who talked
Mark Felt vs. John O'Neill

Oops, I'm about to run out of time. More links soon ...

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