Friday, May 18, 2018

Media Distraction in Progress

You ever notice these school shootings always seem to happen when the media needs to distract us from certain issues? I wonder what's going on in Gaza right now. Guess they just confirmed a new CIA director who deliberately destroyed tapes of torture sessions. Then there's this: DOJ watchdog completes draft report on Clinton probe

I hate being so cynical but ... looks like the royal wedding isn't enough to distract from this mess. (Update: I just found out a Boeing 737 crashed on takeoff in Havana, many casualties feared)

Here's a photo of an eye witness to the school shooting (he wouldn't give his name). Notice the prominent Masonic necklace. There was another "hero" type character who was interviewed by the press, who happened to be waving around an American flag. Wonder where I've seen that before? Wonder if I'll see another character with a white cowboy hat?

*** UPDATE ***

Okay, this is pretty fake looking. Remind me not to go to this guy's hospital to get a wound dressing. (H/T to American Everyman)


tsisageya said...

You're not wrong, Jody. In truth, I believe it's fake unless you prove to me that it's real.

No one seems to be able to do that.

Jody Paulson said...

tsisageya: They never do, do they? Again, no surveillance footage. And check out this phony "bandage" pointed out by Scott at American Everyman: