Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Drumpf proposes mailing food rations instead of food stamps.

This directly affects me. Drumpf somewhat libelously compares his idea to "Blue Apron" for the poor. Big difference, though. Blue Apron actually sends fresh vegetables.

I can only imagine what kind of Alpo-Spam-C-ration shit the poor will get in their "care packages." They won't be able to make choices about whether or not their food has GMOs, is vegan or vegetarian, anything about special diets or food allergies ... In my experience, this is what the poor might expect:

I'll be honest with you, I won't eat half that crap. Even if I go hungry. It's totally anti-health, anti-choice, and anti-free market. This is about keeping slaughterhouses and big Agrobusiness in business.

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tsisageya said...

What a money saver!..and a landfill nightmare.

Good luck with that, assholes. Wouldn't wanna beeya.