Thursday, January 11, 2018

Peekay's got a new channel

One of the guys I used to follow all the time for his excellent play-by-play analysis of hoax events, Peekay Truth, went through his worst year ever in 2017. He lost his mother and his youtube channel, had a health scare with prostate cancer, and was vilified by the press for his efforts to get to the truth behind an obvious hoax in his hometown of Melbourne Australia. I'm glad to see he's got a new channel called Peekay Talks. Here's his latest video, where he talks about "Global Warming."

*** UPDATE ***

Well, that didn't last long. Peekay did a montage with him "singing" over John Lennon's classic "Gimme Some Truth" and immediately got a strike from Youtube. So now he's going to quit. There's got to be a better way.

*** UPDATE ***

New channel: Peekay Lives

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Iz K said...

Thanks! I really enjoy Peekay's commentary and I am glad to see he's back.Thank you for posting this!