Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting: you're being lied to, again.

Has anyone ever seen the movie "Ocean's 11?" Do you realize how much security the average casino/hotel on the strip has you go through just to check in? I've been to Las Vegas more than once, every single hotel makes you walk through the gaming area to check in, especially on the strip. Every inch of that floor is covered by a security camera. And this guy waltzes right in there with 10 rifles, including an automatic weapon??? Oh, and he checked in using that one lady's ID. Really?

I wonder what this guy's motive will be this time. What, does he hate country music? Doesn't look like the type to hate country music. Is he just crazy? Anyway, I was watching a bit of footage on this morning's news, and the increasingly ubiquitous cowboy hat made an appearance, along with the always present flashing blue and red lights and cops aiming their weapons at -- nothing. They interviewed some dowdy woman (an eyewitness) for about 15 minutes, which is really long time for just one random person to go on with a monologue ... and she prattled on and on without prompting, and the news anchor wouldn't cut her off, which makes me think she was just regurgitating memorized lines or reading from a script. I don't know if people really got hurt here but the footage I saw showed fake victims. I'd bet on it. (Vegas pun intended.)

Possible crisis actor near Mandalay Bay?


RickB said...

Thanks for your post and comments. I found out about this listening to the radio on the way to pick up my granddaughter to take her out for a donut and a ride to school for her birthday.

Immediately my thoughts were that it was a government operation. In frustration, I told patrons that at the donut place that when the perpetrator is killed, always be highly suspicious and that this looks like a government operation.

My personal thoughts are that no one can be this crazy. And if this crazy, how can he/she be so coherent as to pull off such a sophisticated operation... as your comment regarding the security supports.

Then I look at Mark Glenn's sight and it's the same old BS from him (i.e. normal for a jingoed society and get used to it). My response: We are a tremendously dumbed down and maninpulated society. But an individual crazy enough to do something like this.... and Sandy Hook... NOT!!! Government job!

RickB said...

The level of sophistication of this operation, as your comments suggest, and as is being indicated even in our weaponized media, suggest that this was a government operation... again.

No one is crazy enough to do this. One crazy enough wouldn't be coherent enough to pull it off.

However, there are people evil enough that ar part of an evil system and agenda. And they the ones behind this.

Jody Paulson said...

They never have a decent motive. It's all supporting a political agenda, somehow, and not an "ISIS" political agenda, a neo-conservative or a neo-liberal one. Once again I see there is no decent footage of what actually happened, despite the fact that you know there were at least a thousand cameras that would have been recording much of the drama that went on.

Anonymous said...

See this

Anonymous said...

Glad someone else noticed the ubiquitous cowboy hat, ala Boston. The hero of Southerland Springs was also wearing one.