Thursday, August 31, 2017

#FakeRescue on #FakeNews (CNN)

This gaffe was originally pointed out by a bunch of people on Twitter. The following is the original footage from "Trump White House" who captions his video as "CNN Drew Griffin crew rescue man from Car Drifting in Flooding Waters in Beaumont, Texas." Notice Griffin runs toward the drifting vehicle, the camera cuts away, and you see someone wearing a red jacket, sandals and khaki shorts run behind a handicapped sign, which conveniently blocks the "rescue." It looks like the person wearing the khakis & sandals is Griffin. But in the next shot, after an obvious edit, you see Griffin pulling the guy out of the water wearing pants. There's another guy with him wearing shorts but he's not wearing sandals, they look like dark boots. And obviously Griffin still has his (hand-held) mic with him because you can hear him clear as day. Now, if that wear me, I would have ditched the mic. Just saying.

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