Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thoughts on the Manchester Bombing

I hope to look more into this today, but my initial reaction is that it's another hoax. Like so many of these hoaxes, there is no CCTV of the blast released to the public (that I'm aware of at the moment). Just another endless loop of girls running around, looking confused, flashing lights and the same fake-looking people being walked (not carried by stretcher, but walked) by the police to God knows where, with the same makeshift tourniquets on their legs which don't seem to be injured at all. I mean, when people are in pain, you can see it on their faces. If you get shrapnel in your legs, that's got to hurt like hell. But again, no one ever winces as they are walked to (I assume) a waiting ambulance.

My question is, how could they have identified the suicide bomber so quickly? Did he happen to carry one of those indestructible passports with him? If so, he was pretty damn stupid because that would lead police straight to his brother, who apparently chose not to die that day. And police said they found an additional bomb later on, I assume that was not strapped to anyone's person. Why would one person choose to blow themselves up and then there be another bomb that was left laying around somewhere? I don't buy it. Anyway, I'm going to look more into this story today, so I'll probably be updating this post.

I found out from Aangirfan (via NTS) that police actually identified Salman Abedi "through a bank card found in his pocket." Again, that would have been really dumb for him to carry to his death because that led police straight to his family, whose house was raided. His brother Ismail was arrested. Peekay Truth, who does such good work analyzing these kinds of hoaxes, has a lot of videos up on his new channel (youtube was giving him nothing but problems). Here's one of them:

I saw this revealing image on Twitter:

This is pretty revealing as well!


Anonymous said...

The reveal in all these hoaxes is the incredibly lo-res video. My grandmother's 1950s Brownie camera had much better resolution than ANY of the video from these hoaxes.

Jody Paulson said...

Yeah, and look at this ridiculous photo of the bomber waiting on the elevator to get to the place he'd blow himself up. They pretty much blacked out anything that would suggest he was actually on that elevator! Supposedly to protect the identities of those on the elevator with him. Really??? They couldn't have just blurred out their faces or something? Those guys must be laughing their asses off at us. BTW, I got that photo from this article at American Everyman.