Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Talking about Sandy Hook

Four years ago the mainstream media says a skinny autistic kid with no real motive barged in on an elementary school and killed 20 little kids between 6-7 years old, as well as 7 adults, including himself. There's no video of this. Just a dead "perpetrator" that was later discovered to have killed his own mother, who actually did not work at that school as was first reported. We'll apparently never know why, because the guy is dead.

I have a different perspective, myself. I don't think Adam Lanza is even real. I believe the Sandy Hook shooting was an entirely staged event. It was the first media event that really solidified my own concept of "crisis acting," which I now believe is being used all the time in the mainstream media. I first got an inkling of this when I saw Robbie Parker clearly laughing before a press conference before obviously getting into character to make a statement. Parents who have been told they've just lost their child don't laugh and give a press conference about it the same day. I know a little something about this. Anyway, here's a documentary about it. A lot of recent events make more sense if you consider the idea that they, like Sandy Hook, are staged psy-ops with a clear political agenda.

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