Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nice truck attack -- STAGED. Here's why.

I haven't been on my blog for a while, and I apologize for that, but a lot of stuff happened over the weekend (when I can't even get to the library) and it all seems so much like same ol' same ol' BS ... it's like, where do you start? The lame-ass RNC? The coup in Turkey? More phony police shootings? So now that everyone's mind is a little clearer, let me just go back to where it all seemed to go wrong last week, the truck attack in Nice, France. Here are a couple of videos, the first is from Truth Media Revolution and the second comes from Peekay.

Saesch1 makes a good comment on the first one: "They are making it increasingly easy these these days. when scores of bodies are left on the spot with sheets on the them: it's fake. people just forgot the protocol: whether you're breathing or not, have a heartbeat or not, as long as your head is still on, you get rushed to a hospital, even if it's only for organ harvest."

Also, Northern Truth Seeker brought this to my attention from Jim Stone: " Supposedly this guy went on a 40 MPH rampage for 30 minutes. But he only went 1 mile. Common core failure. COMMON CORE BREACH! 40 mph for 30 minutes equals 20 miles. To cover only one mile, he could have only been going two miles an hour."

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