Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando mass shooting: this is just ridiculous.

A full day after the time of the Orlando shooting I heard a talking head say: "It will take days for police to identify all the victims."

Excuse me, these guys were in a nightclub. One of the prerequisites of being in a nightclub is that you have a valid ID saying you're older than 21. (Non-Americans might not understand how seriously Americans enforce this law. I'm over forty years old and I still get "carded.") Victims weren't blown up. They weren't incinerated. They were supposedly shot by a guy who managed to waltz past security with 2 deadly firearms and some sort of suspicious device. I imagine I wouldn't be able to get past the bouncer at a gay bar due to fashion alone.

Look, people. All nightclubs, especially trendy gay nightclubs in Orlando, have security ... and I imagine they would have been particularly on their toes around closing time. How is it possible for one guy to get in and shoot up a hundred people without a machine gun? He would have to reload, am I wrong? What, no one was brave enough (or drunk enough) to try to take him out while he was changing magazines? Couldn't they just run away?

And I guess they weren't taking pictures of their hot dates on what was most likely their vacation, because all I saw on the news yesterday was all I ever see at these hoax shootings. Flashing red and blue lights and a bunch of dumb-ass crisis actors being loaded into pickup trucks. No, I'm not buying it, and neither should you.

*** UPDATE ***

Here's a new video from Red Silver J about one of the crisis actors used in this particular event. Be sure to watch until the very end, it shows you one of her audition vids. The next video shows a witness to the shooting is definitely an actor.

*** NEW UPDATE ***

American Everyman wrote an article about the lady in the next video, with a very telling update. Apparently her sister set up a gofundme funeral page before anyone even knew Christopher was dead! Check it out!


RickB said...

Amazing BS being shoved down our throats. Well dayim, they're Americans. They bought the JFK assassination, the Boston marathon bombing, Sandy Hook. They'll buy anything man!

Jody Paulson said...

Well, to be fair, Rick ... it seems the French have bought their "terrorist attacks" as well ... but at least over there they put a little effort into making some fake footage for people to look at.