Monday, March 28, 2016

IMPORTANT TIP: If You See a Bomb...SIT ON IT (video by Peekay Truth)

Also note that the American with the bandages over his face, Mason Wells, who was also at the Boston Bombing and Paris Attacks, uses the word "meters." I'm an American. We don't use the metric system. 99.9% of Americans would have said something like "50 feet." Could that thing covering his ear be hiding an earpiece, and he's being told what to say?

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HPrice said...

Fascinatingly, that guy who has severe burns, and maybe under pain medication can talk as if he is just lying down on a hospital bed, with a balaclava over his head. Amazing guy. No pain in his voice, no slurring as when medicated up to the wazoo. He must have the constitution of an ox to do an interview after only a few days of recovering from a severe trauma.

These people are just rubbing it in our faces now, and many people will just eat it all up.

Sad times, indeed.

Harvey P.