Saturday, January 30, 2016

When will it happen?

I'm about to lose my old email server, so I spent a lot of time today going through old stuff on that account. I found a lot of pictures. Now, I've never taken a "selfie" in my life (only because I never owned a smart phone, I'm not that humble ...) but there are a lot of pictures of me with signs back in San Francisco. This was before I gained a lot of weight, so don't expect any recent photo updates soon, at least not until I'm satisfied with having achieved my "get fit" New Year's resolution. I thought I'd share some of these nearly decade-old pix on my blog, though.

As I said, these are some old pictures. The troops still aren't home, no one got impeached, and we're still waiting on peace. So did I waste all my time marching with Code Pink? Standing out with the Quakers every Thursday afternoon, rain or shine? Time will tell. At any rate, I'm proud of these pictures. Maybe the blessing is in the doing, and not the results. Have a blessed day. :)

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